Blue sparkles
Beneath my wings.
No land to see
Far from where we stand.

(Pensamentos torturados
Pelo som das hélices,abafados.)

Hidden behind the horizon,
Orange lights mirrored 
In the falling tears.

Aos 36000 mil pés de altitude,
No vôo suspenso, exijo o seu desviar.
Não sei para onde 
(Petrifico perante o mapa)
Mas lá, vou-te encontrar.

Looking for the angels
That seat in the colourful clouds.
Wave the crowd 
And fasten your seat belts.

22 & 28.07.2011

"Revolta-te" | shoot me


O meu coração bate a 200km à hora
Em cada curva apertada.
Morro de medo,
Ao volante bem agarrada...
Gosto do medo.
E, lá em Cima, 
Não me querem tão cedo.

No meu silêncio 
Nunca te esqueço,
Apenas te deixo.

19 a 20.07.2011 


I walk inside your pocket
Peeking through its holes
Holding to be chewed still
You're keeping me whole.



Banho de Espuma

Embriagada pela tua voz,
Tropeço a cada passo
Dado em direcção a nós.

Receio o teu espaço,
Onde mastigo todos os gestos
A cada intervalo indigesto,
Sob o pêndulo da reflexão.

10 a 11.07.2011

In Orbit

Launching far from you,
To bury your face in
Any planet in outer space,
As you asked me to.
Searching all galaxies
For the power of writing
Words into melodies.
Then, I’d be heard
The space-time
And you’d go in
My rocket in flight.


Half Empty

Just a few pages
Before the end of this book.
So, please return to me
The organ you took, 
Inking out the words 
That once were mine
Into writing all those 
Naked lines.
Give me back the wasted 
Hours of captivated time.



Love at Sight
Cuddle the skin of
this body to declare.
Kiss my stuffed heart 
to make it alive and off

No sound is heard,
as we stare at each other,
pulling gently the stitches 
attaching one to the other.

I fall into the ground

with my chest wide open,
nothing but empty space
running drops of blue
as I watch you leave 
taking me everywhere,
in you.