A Crime

     "In a known fiction, a talk, under the yellow sky, in the fall of ruins. And a growing distance from myself.
  I take a step back and shove someone. The last syllable of an awkward "Sorry" is lost to the sound of drums in my heart, restrained by the ribs. It is you. I look at those colourful eyes cuddling my forgotten inside and you embrace me in a bear hug, as if one could merge our bodies into one. 

   Tongue in skin, skin in tongue and it all comes back ... a continuous electricity that pierces my soul and binds me to you, calls you to me. I lay down to tears with your hands through my hair and I kiss your every fingertip counting the years in my core, in your heart. Let the sunshine stroll on each corner of us, let us redeem the lives we lived. 
27.09 & 02.10.2012
"9 Crimes" | Damien Rice

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