See all the world around
Falling and tearing apart
Want to reach out that light
Up there, hanging, in the endless sky.
Wanna touch it with my fingers,
Feel the hot and the cold,
Fly into an imaginary dream
Surrender my spirit, mind and soul.
I can sense your velvet hands
Running through my bodiless skin
Open my eyes… don’t know where I’ve been.
See all my friends on a couch, talking and talking, 
laughing and laughing, smoking and passing.
I’m hallucinating!
Wake up and smell the flowers
I must have been past out some good couple of hours.
Suffer the brutality of the breeze and the sunshine,
Follow the perfume of a fresh coffee.
Hug the ones I loved one time,
kiss the ones I still do.
Want to dress my favourite clothes 
and to try a different hairdo.
Go to teach, go to learn
Go focusing in what I want to become.
People pass through on the street
And don’t say a word to me.
Touch my heart
Don’t have a pulse.
Am I still in my vision?
Am I just sleeping?
(Feel asphyxiated in this prison)
Am I innocently living?.... or not.
Want to touch that light. Reach it. 

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